District Boundaries


St. George Boundary Map

District 258 Streets

Amber Way

Amhurst Ct.

Amhurst Way

Arbor Drive

Argyle Lane North

Argyle Lane South

Armour Road (East 3000 North Rd)

Brassie Drive

Brayton Drive

Brian Court

Bridle Court


Caddie Drive

Campton Drive

Canter Circle

Cardinal Drive 906 to 5998 (Even Numbers Only)

Carriage Lane

Chesterfield Court

Claire Court

Claire Drive

Crescent Street

Dale Lane

Danube Lane

Derby Drive

Double Jack Street

East 3000N Road

East 3500 North Road (to 5999 Only)

East North 4000 North Road

East 4500 North Road

East 5000 Nord Road (to Approx. East 6800)

East 6000 North Road (Even Numbers to Approx. East 6800)

East Cap Circle

Equestrian Lane

Galaxy Way

George Lane

Greenbriar Drive

Guinevere Lane

Heather Road

Horseshoe Circle

Hunters Run Drive

Huntington Court

King Arthur Lane

Lady Brunetta Road

Larry Power Road (East 4000 North Road)

Laura Court

Lemna Avenue (Odd Numbers 100 Block Only)

Mariposa Circle

Merlin Road

Monarch Street

Mulberry Street

North 2000 East Road (Even Numbers Only to 5998)

North 3000 East Road (5000 to 5999 Only)

North 4000 East Road (2642 to 5999 Only)

North 5000 East Road (to 5999 Only)

North 5500 East Road (3000 to 3999 Only)

North 6000 East Road (4000 to 4999 Only)

Newtowne Drive (Even Numbers Only)

Noble Quest Drive

Northbrook Drive

Northbrook Drive

Olympia Street

Pheasant Run Drive

Prince Valiant Lane

Rainbow Bend

Rivard Drive

Robert Court

Robert Drive

Samantha Lane

Shire Lane

Signature Street

Sir Lancelot Drive

Skyline (North 4000 East Road)

St. George Road (East 2000 to Approx. East 6800)

Summerfield Street

Terramere Drive

Trappers Lane

Trotters Turn

West Cap Circle

Willowbrook Dr.

Yearling Court

Yorktown Drive

Yorktown Road