Bus Transportation Scheduling and Changes

Student transportation plans will be based on their home address unless a plan change is submitted to the school office.

  • All transportation plans must be scheduled and documented with the school office.
  • Schedule all transportation plans and changes using a transportation request form.
  • Requests for a change in transportation will become effecve only after approval and adequate means has been given to properly notify all persons concerned.
  • Changes to transportation plans might not be approved. Bus capacity may not be available for addional riders.

Students will ride only their assigned school bus and will board and depart from the bus at assigned bus stops.

  • Same day/last minute transportation changes are not accepted, unless in the event of an emergency with approval from the school office.
  • If plans change during the school day, the parent/guardian must make arrangements to meet or arrange for someone else to meet the child at his/her regular scheduled bus stop.
  • Telephone requests to the school office or transportation office will not be accepted.
  • Handwritten notes to the school office, teacher, or bus driver are not accepted.

Change to parent pick-up/car rider:

If, at any me, a parent wishes to pick-up their student rather than having them ride the bus a phone call can be made to the office prior to 10:00 AM. The office reserves the right to ensure the caller has the authority to make changes and pick-up the student.

4.10 Bus Transportation

The district provides free bus transportation to and from school for all students living 1.5 miles or more from the school. It also may provide students with transportation that live within 1.5 miles from school where walking to school would constitute a serious hazard due to vehicular traffic or rail crossing, and adequate public transportation is not available. Parents must, at the beginning of the school year, select one bus stop at which a student is to be picked up, and one stop at which a student is to be dropped off. Parents will be notified of the bus stop for drop off and pick-up. Students should be at the stop 10 minutes prior to the pick-up me. Students are not permited to ride a bus other than the bus to which they are assigned. Exceptions and/or changes must be approved by written note more than 24 hours in advance. DO NOT ASSUME the request will be honored until it is confirmed by the school office via phone call.

While students are on the bus, they are under the supervision of the bus driver. In most cases, bus discipline problems can be handled by the bus driver. In the case of a written disciplinary referral, student bus problems will be investigated and handled by the building administration.

Students are expected to follow all school rules while on the bus. Students may be suspended from riding the school bus for up to 10 consecutive school days for violating school rules or for engaging in other gross disobedience or misconduct. The school board may suspend the student from riding the school bus for a period in excess of 10 days for safety reasons. The district’s regular suspension procedures shall be used to suspend a student’s privilege to ride a school bus.

A student who is suspended from riding the school bus and who does not have alternative transportation to school shall be allowed the opportunity to make up all missed work for equivalent academic credit. It is the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian to notify the school that the student does not have alternative transportation to school.

Parents will be informed of any and all inappropriate student behavior on a bus. Parents are encouraged to discuss bus safety and appropriate behavior with their children before the beginning of the school year and regularly during the year.

Any non-authorized person(s) are not allowed to enter the bus at any time; person(s) in violation are considered to be trespassing and subject to related charges from law-enforcement.

In the interest of the student’s safety and in compliance with State law, students are also expected to observe the following:

  1. Dress properly for the weather. Make sure all drawstrings, ties, straps, etc. on all clothing, backpacks and other items, are shortened or removed to lessen the likelihood of them getting caught in bus doors, railings or aisles.
  2. Arrive on time at the bus stop, and stay away from the street while waiting for the bus.
  3. Stay away from the bus until it stops completely and the driver signals you to board. Enter in a single file without pushing. Always use the handrail.
  4. Take a seat right away and remain seated facing forward. Keep your hands, arms, and head inside the bus.
  5. Talk quietly on the bus. No shouting or creating loud noises that may distract the driver.
  6. Help keep the bus neat and clean. Keep belongings out of the aisle and away from emergency exits. Eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus.
  7. Always listen to the driver’s instructions. Be courteous to the driver and other students. Sit with your hands to yourself and avoid making noises that would distract the driver or bother other passengers. Remain seated, keeping your hands, arms, and head inside the bus at all times.
  8. Wait until the bus pulls to a complete stop before standing up. Use the handrail when exiting the bus.
  9. Stay out of the danger zone next to the bus where the driver may have difficulty seeing you. Take five giant steps away from the bus and out of the danger zone, until you can see the driver and the driver sees you. Never crawl under a bus.
  10. If you must cross the street after you get off the bus, wait for the driver’s signal and then cross in front of the bus. Cross the street only after checking both ways for traffic.
  11. Never run back to the bus, even if you dropped or forgot something.

Video and audio cameras may be active on busses to record student conduct and may be used for the purposes of investigation into misconduct or accidents on the bus.

For questions regarding school transportation issues, contact:
Tyson Clifton, Transportation Director, at 815-933-1503.

For questions or concerns regarding school transportation behavior or discipline, contact:
Bryan Wells, Assistant Principal, at 815-933-1503.

Please see SG Parent/Student Handbook for more information on Student Conduct and Car Rider Dropoff/Pickup.