Welcome to 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science

Welcome to Mrs. Gibson's 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science

Welcome to 6th, 7th, 8th grade science. This year is going to be hands-on,technology filled, and lots of fun! The curriculum we will use can be found on our school’s website.   OR follow the link:


The Stanford Science Curriculum is designed to maximize your potential growth in science and language development, in other words, “Science rules!”. Each unit will start with a focus question. We will start this journey with an orientation to group work. Our focus question is: How do we work productively in groups? We will learn behavior practices and important roles each person will play.  Then, we will blast “Off Like a Rocket” and launch into our first unit.

While working in groups, you will be responsible for contributing to the learning process through research, problem solving, discussions, and more.  You will be able to help others and get help when you need it.  Each unit ends with an individual project. 

Besides group work practices, we will also practice the PACED rules.  If you think about successful athletes, they practice staying paced in order to achieve their goals.  The way we live in our classroom will help ensure everyone is successful and PACED.  What does PACED mean?

(Punctual, Attentive, Cooperative, Enthusiastic, Dependable)

Staying paced opens doors and builds positive character traits.  They will be necessary as you develop team skills and complete performanced-based assessments.  Whether you are researching, discussing, or problem-solving, staying paced will help you engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate real world topics.