Welcome to Music and Band! Our Music and Band curriculum is divided into two areas, General Music and Band (Instrumental Music).

General Music (grades K-4)

St George students in grades K-4 receive Music instruction twice a week for a total of 90 minutes. In Music class we work on developing skills in Rhythm, Pitch, Form, and Timbre. We also sing, play classroom instruments, move and dance to music, create with music, and connect music to history and culture.

Each grade level participates in one performance or parent demonstration during the year. Typically, our 3rd and 4th grade students perform a Fall Musical, our 1st and 2nd grade students perform a Spring Musical, and our Kindergarten student present a class demonstration for parents.


Band (grades 5-8)

St George students have the opportunity to participate in Band (instrumental music) when they enter 5th grade. Band instruction includes full group rehearsals and small group lessons.

The Beginning Band is for students who have never played a band instrument before, and prior experience playing an instrument or reading music is not necessary for this class. In Beginning Band we work on music reading skills and instrument playing skills specific to each student's instrument. The Beginning Band performs three times during the year: Winter Band Concert, Spring Band Concert, and Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony.

The Concert Band is for students who have had at least on year of instruction on a band instrument (whether through Beginning Band or private lessons). In Concert Band we continue developing music reading skills and we refine instrument playing skills to develop tone and expression. The Concert Band has performance opportunities throughout the year: Bus Driver Appreciation Day, Veterans Day Celebration, Winter Band Concert*, Christmas Caroling, ONU Jr High Honor Band, Solo and Ensemble Festival, Spring Band Concert*, and Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony*. Eighth grade members of the Concert Band will also participate in the BBCHS Eighth Grade Marching Band Night* and the BBCHS Eighth Grade Band Night*. (* Denotes required event)